About us

Illyria GeoTechnologies Shpk (IGT) is a company formed in 2008 and offers Technical Solutions and High Technology Systems in several areas:

  • GPS Tracking System
  • Security Systems
  • Physical Security
  • Electrical Works
  • Network Communications

IGT provides dedicated, well-trained professional teams, which are capable of proposing solutions, installing, managing and maintaining systems, and upgrading existing systems where they are located.

We are IGT, a telematics company that offers solutions for fleet management and GPS tracking.

We are a fast growing company and customer center with big ambitions. Our vision is to empower the most efficient use of transport.

We started our journey in 2008 when IGT was founded.

Our mission is to reduce our customers' efforts by accelerating ease of use, forecasting, and automation.

Our values are courage, care and evolution.

Our Clients & Partners